I am Amanda Pharis, an ex-architecture student (minored), technical communication/new media/design student, freelance designer. I currently attend Southern Polytechnic State to study design. Previously I attended Kennesaw State as a biology major for two years while in denial about being a designer. But yes, I am a poor starving artist/student.

I’m still very young in my design career, but I am interested in studying how to incorporate sciences like biology, chemistry and physics into design decisions to make a space interactive using light, illusion and sound. The environmental movement is also curious and I am studying “green” building methods, which is a bit of a band-wagon idea, but energy efficiency is still advantageous and neat. Duh.

When I’m not knee deep in some doomed project, I’m probably doing what everybody else does in their free time. Out with friends or family, exploring the High, cooking, enjoying the company of my dogs or just chilling at the house with the roommates, reading landscape theory or listening to NPR podcasts. 🙂