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I drew this while sitting in on an interview for a potential second year professor on some illustration board I just so happened have with me. Don’t worry, I did pay attention. 🙂

Freehand Perspective

Graphite on Illustration Board


This, I’ve heard, is a lot of people’s favorite one. Lots of silly drawings, tons of inside jokes, and mostly my inane comments to myself about my sketched ideas. Along with interesting notes, of course.

Preliminary Ideas
What Would Zumthor Do?
Sketch Thinking
Final Wall
Shopping List?
dCom Notes
Mooney and Crane *

*This is an inside joke about Professor Mooney. We were studying the work of Lebbeus Woods, and Mooney had commented about how awesome it would be to move along so freely in the air (the drawing we were looking at, depicted a person riding unconstrained on what looked to be a hovering surfboard). There is also a lot of construction going on, around campus. We figured we could probably manage to get him onto a crane, and arrange a similar experience for him…

Also, the comment I wrote underneath was during a US History class the next morning.

This is a brief sketchbook–filled mostly with written notes and illegible scribbles.

Illegible Scribble
Bathroom Shelf
Building Idea

Sketchbook One

This is the first sketchbook I’ve filled since the beginning of this semester. I’ve skimmed through and decided to share some of the more interesting/neat/informative/crazy stuff. So while there’s just under a 100 pages in my sketchbook, I’ve only picked out 10 for the sake of simplicity and brevity.

Page One
MLK Notes 1
MLK Notes 2
MLK Notes 3
Shelf 1
Shelf 2
Shelf 3
Notes + Zombie Comic?
Measurement Sketches
Building Idea

Our reviewer from Atlanta

A siteplan I made for my model.

Wall Model

Wall Model (Plan View)