I’m back.

Quick update on what’s been going on:
I dropped architecture.
Yep. I did it.
Why? Because I felt like the program wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, despite my enthusiasm for architecture and design. I’ve decided to focus more on my technical communications degree in new media and arts. I am more interested in the interface and theory of design than the subject, I suppose. No, that’s wrong; I don’t know what to say. I want to be a designer. Not an architect. That said…I will probably be working towards landscape architecture above all else. I love the environment–the enjoyment I derived from site plans and turning conditioned space into parks usurped my floor plans and required programs for projects. I felt like I became a frustration for professors, being more focused on the natural above the built and synthetic. I miss architecture. I really do…and have mixed feelings about having dropped. I did receive a minor, but I feel like that really won’t be enough of an accreditation to my efforts over the past 6 semesters. That said, I learned more in those 6 semesters than I probably have in my entire life. Going into technical communications as a full time student of media design, I have more experience and knowledge of layout and design than most. My research methods and products have been considerably more extensive and thorough than those of my peers in tech comm, but not to sound arrogant is hard here. I love design. Simple as that. I feel like my new degree is an excellent accumulation of what I’ve learned from two years in science and three in architecture. My general knowledge of what some would call useless information has proven to be my asset, that which sets me apart from most students. I have become well read and despite how I sound, humbled by what I’ve realized I don’t know. I’m a fifth year senior now, with a year or so to go. I don’t feel that I’ve wasted my time. Maybe you do after reading this ridiculously long statement to any of my readers and justification to myself.

I feel like I want to continue this blog, however. I put a lot of work into it and just leaving it to sit dormant on the internet is kinda sad to me. So I’ll continue to write and make my observations, post my work, but I suppose the intent and content will be in a different direction. Architect, nearly.

Even sitting here, writing this rather silly post, I’m excited again.

If you have any suggestions for recommendations, let me know. I want to hear from the people who read this, whether you’re a good friend, coworker, family member, fellow designer, Stumbler, or whatever. Leave your suggestions so I can learn how to make this blog something that is actually worth people’s time.

I look forward to hearing from you guys. đŸ™‚

Thanks, and feels good man…