I sketched out a sink design not too long ago in my cultures class while listening about the Great Pyramids. Not so certain they influenced the design or not…

Someone asked me about the “concept” behind the sink and I didn’t know what to say. I made a sink. Does a sink need some grand explanation about why it looks the way it does? I suppose so, if its not a typical oval porcelain sink. I simply felt that the slope of the basin was sleek, and that perhaps a textured bottom for the water to slide down would be neat looking.

Of course, this brings up a lot of questions about why would someone make a sink that doesn’t necessarily retain water, and then if that’s the case, what is the definition of a sink? Is it just a pretty drain at this point?

I looked up the definition of “sink.”
1 a : to go to the bottom : submerge b : to become partly buried (as in mud) c : to become engulfed
2 a (1) : to fall or drop to a lower place or level (2) : to flow at a lower depth or level (3) : to burn with lower intensity (4) : to fall to a lower pitch or volume b : to subside gradually : settle c : to disappear from view d : to slope gradually

I like that the last one applies quite nicely. So yes, I designed a sink.


Preliminary Sketches

I made a small model (1/2″: 1′) from black tag board for the cabinetry, and inked plexi for the marble material I chose to play with.



I’m not won over by marble as my material; it was simply an explored curiosity. Doesn’t seem to suit it, if you ask me. Considering something less than traditional, as far as material is concerned. Perhaps treated and sealed hard wood? Concrete? Plastic? Another thing I want to consider is the slope direction of the basin, and where I want to install the faucet and drain, how does someone wash their hands? What combination of materials, texture, shapes, and faucet/drain location would be most suitable for a bathroom? Not sure. Must do more research and playing with ideas. I would like to actually build this one day. Sooner rather than later, of course, so cost is a consideration.

Your thoughts, please!