Hello all.

I am currently working on a really neat visual summary of my first year in its entirety, from Fall 2009 through Summer 2010. I hope to use a lot of my graphic skills I picked up in dCom, studio and just playing around in different programs for the past few years. I could potentially use this as something to include in my design portfolio (separate from my studio portfolio).

The break between the Spring and Summer was too brief, but it was interesting to see just how the insanity of studio had altered my behavior. I wake up promptly around 7 every morning, regardless of my alarm or getting to sleep in. I can now stay up late and wake up early in the same day, and not feel affected by either–Circadian rhythm is out of sync. I haven’t wanted to even look at fast food. (Though I still crave cheap pizza and energy drinks…)

I took the opportunity of the break to really enjoy myself and see friends I hadn’t seen through much of the semester, but I found myself still observing different types of designs and looking at buildings and spaces analytically. I realized I’d learned a skill that I can’t turn off now. Its exciting to feel so aware.

Last Monday, the Summer semester began. I am currently enrolled in trig-based physics and Cultures I. Cultures I, I think I am really going to enjoy. Probably learn more about history in this course than in my American and World history courses. We have two texts; a very massive book that will carry us through four seminars (Cultures 1,2,3 and 4), and The Ten Books on Architecture by Vitruvius. So far we have gone on a whirlwind tour of ancient architecture from Stonehenge up to Mesopotamian and into Egyptian architecture. My new favorite piece of ancient art/architecture has to be the Ishtar Gate of Babylon, which was constructed around 575 BC by order of King Nebuchadnezzar II. Its absolutely beautiful.

I am less excited about physics.

I also have a model to rebuild this semester. Seeing as this is how my final project looked two days after the competition:

Final Competition Model. Sorta.

There is some repair work to be done before I can finally document it for portfolio purposes. There was a near-accident in a parking lot, which resulted in my T-Square sliding and smashing the poor model in half–I never felt so sick. As far as my portfolio is concerned, the rest of my work from both first year studios and dCom I is actually well documented and organized nicely. I’m pretty happy that I thought to do so after every final review; its helped me to not be rushed for the end of the semester CD’s that are due, and if I lose materials and drawings, I’ve got my back up. I think this will make my portfolio easier to develop.

Any rate, I’m pretty excited about getting through this summer semester, and beginning Second Year. Moving to a different building! Everyone has told me that this is one of the most difficult years, but I think I’m going to be ok. Its mainly the drop rate, that is intimidating.

Till next week,